after years of development, aeropro completed the design of ‘vision’, a fast, safe, roomy, quiet, and comfortable two-seat airplane. in 2011, the aircraft company aeropro began developing the first pre-production of ‘vision’ using many years of experience in the production of aircraft. the project involved prominent design engineers, aerodynamicists, a team of designers, and technologists.

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with the aim to design an aircraft with a timeless design and excellent flight and performance characteristics, aeropro ‘vision’ by samuel nicz is now completed. with all the technological molds and frame jigs for its production being created, ‘vision’, a two-seater aircraft in the light sport aircraft category, is designed to take up to a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg. this aircraft has been intended for the category according to the CS-LSA building code for european certification and ASTM F2245 for certification in the usa.

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‘vision’ is a high wing aircraft designed with strut; an all-composite sandwich construction with carbon beams. it is made in negative molds, which ensures the uniqueness and accuracy of repeated production with a very high-quality surface. the wings have integrated fuel tanks with a total capacity of 130 liters, which ensures a flight endurance of 9.5 hours and a range of approximately 1,800 km.

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the front of the fuselage up to the main bulkhead is made of a steel tube cage as for the main partition, it continues as a composite shell. the rod construction increases the passive safety of the aircraft crew. the mentioned construction of the fuselage guarantees low weight and at the same time high strength and rigidity. ‘vision’ has a unique cross-section of the fuselage.

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project info:


name: aeropro vision

designer: samuel nicz

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